Our travel advisor team has grown this year! We now have seven amazing travel advisors to serve you, and I can’t wait to introduce everyone to you (but that is for a later time). I was having a conversation with one of them this morning, and she realized that doing this job well was just like being a matchmaker, and I couldn’t agree more! The amount of training, traveling, and researching we do as travel advisors to ensure that you, our amazing clients, are getting vacations that match your budget and travel style is truly overwhelming for me to think about!

So, besides the fact that we truly do spend most of our time matching your budget and travel style to the perfect vacation, why else should you use you a travel advisor when you can book any vacation you want with the click of a mouse?

We have relationships inside the industry –

Just last month, three of us spent some time in Riviera Maya, Mexico with a resort chain. We truly work hard to know the people working at the hotel chains, running the tours, and picking you up from the airport. When “life” happens while you’re on vacation, we try to have relationships in place to ensure we can work quickly get things resolved quickly for you. We are people that are here to help, we are not a chat box or a call center!

Multigeneration Trips – 

Have you been trying to plan that multi-generational family vacation for Thanksgiving, but your aunt and your sister just can’t agree on where to go? Do you want to go to Europe, but your brother wants to visit Colorado? Let us be in the middle of the family drama. We can do our best to make everyone happy (we’re not miracle workers though, so don’t expect us to get everyone to get along for an entire vacation :) ).
We travel so you know – 

My mom likes to laugh at me for the number of trips I take a year. Most of my trips are true business trips. This means I am traveling for a conference, to learn a new destination, or to explore a resort chain (see above about the amazing relationships we have in the industry). Even my true vacations usually have an element of work and research involved in them. Just this weekend we are taking a short trip on Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas. We’re going so that we can see the most up to date protocols and to see how well they operate with my son that has special needs. I’m pretty lucky to get to travel with this crazy crew though!

Just this year alone, the agency already has amazing trips planned all over the Caribbean on LOTS Of cruise ships and cruise lines, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Japan, Riviera Maya, Mexican Riviera, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and more! It’s truly going to a year of world travel for our agency!

Planning a vacation DIY style takes a LOT of time!


If you are like most people these days, you are busy running all over the place. Why add hours of research to your busy schedule when we can just put your vacation together for you? Often we are planning vacations with multiple destinations, tours, and adventures in them, and the research to do that takes a very long time ! Or, if you like the plan the nitty gritty details, allow us to take the burden off you for the overall itinerary. Oftentimes, we have access to pricing and experiences that you can’t get on your own. Plus, we have software that allows us to put all of your travel documents and itinerary together in one location!

Thank you so much for trusting us with your vacation memories! We truly are thankful for you!