I hope you are enjoying an amazing fall and that the time change hasn’t messed with you too much this week.

I have personally been traveling a bit this past month. My family took an adventure to Costa Rica where we really focused on the needs of family travel, and even more so on families that have a member with special needs. While we were specifically looking at Down syndrome, my supplier partner we traveled with works extensively in wheelchair travel as well, so it was fabulous to see a Central American country really take an interest in accessible travel. Also, this is one of my absolute favorite destinations to plan!!!

I also spent some time in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. While this particular trip was for a conference, it was nice to be back in Jamaica and experience a bit of the Irie energy while on the island. I also made some new supplier relationships that I am so excited to “introduce” you to! This year has been focused on how the agency can get better, and this particular event definitely helped move us forward!

In the month of November, I am thankful for a reopened world, the travel advisors I get to work with, and the amazing clients that I get to help make memories! It’s so fun to get to work with all of you!

Where are people traveling?

We have been hard at work putting together last minute holiday trips, spring break vacations, and even summer trips this past month! Honestly, people are planning into 2024 right now, so the demand for vacations is still way up. So where do you think people are going? Read on to see what types of vacations we have been working on.

Late winter and spring break travel has so many people heading to Mexico and the Caribbean. The all-inclusive vacation is definitely still a super popular option! It’s the perfect mix of relaxion, family time, and culture.

Those that are trying to escape the high cost of airfare are turning back to cruises. Most cruise lines have dropped all travel restrictions, so it’s a great time to book that next sailing.

South and Central America are topping the winter and spring travel lists as well. From Costa Rica to Panama and Columbia to Ecuador, the continent to our south is welcoming so many this year. Whether you want to hike through the rainforest, sit on a beach, surf, or visit cultural or natural sites, these countries truly cannot be beat!

Summer travel has people heading back to Europe! The US dollar is strong against the Euro right now, so it’s a great time to get things booked. France, Greece, Spain and Italy are definitely the most popular places.

Alaska by land or by sea is still one of the best places to spend a summer vacation! With Canada opening up, it’s making traveling back here so much easier.

River cruising has been a popular way to see Europe. There is a cruise line for everyone and every budget, so why unpack more than once when you don’t have to? Plus, you get to see some pretty amazing cities that you wouldn’t usually take the time to adventure to.